Thursday, October 14, 2010

D's Tamales Hueytown, Alabama "Tamale Heaven"

This is not your average place. The tamales are not average tamales. Technically I could go buy a can of Hormel's tamales in the can. Which is what I have done for many years. But after tasting the home-made tamales made from scratch at D's, it's good-bye Hormel there is a new tamale king in town!
Here is what you can expect:
Atmosphere: A "U" shaped lunch counter filled with Hueytown locals. There is also convenient parking and a television inside.
*This is also a favorite dining spot for the Hueytown police (as observed)
Wait Staff: Very attentive
Menu: Aside from the headliner, there is literally something for everyone. Burgers, wings & a variety of other delicious dishes that are not listed on the menu on the website.
Price: My meal including drink cost under $7.00
What I ordered: The 3 tamale combo. Inclusive of nachos with an amazing cheese sauce, black bean casserole (OMG!! a must have) & 3 mild tamales.  On previous occasions I have ordered the hot wings. They are superb!!
On a scale of 1-10, I give D's Tamales  an 8.
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Hurry! They open at 11:00 a.m. &  close at 8:00 p.m. 5 days a week


Anonymous said...

I ate at D's today and it was delicious. I had the half dozen tamales (3 mild and 3 hot) with a peach tea. The hot ones have a good kick to them and the owner explained to me that as the weather gets colder the hot tamales will get hotter so watch out. The food and service were great. I'm definitely going back!

Anonymous said...

I eat at D's on a weekly basis, and know D the owner as a customer as well. He is a great guy and the service is really great. He always asks me "the usual?" As soon as he sees me. The usual is ten hot wings fried and a coke. He uses fountain drinks and they are always great. I will tell you that i have also been a customer for about 8 years. He used to make the tamales in hoover and transport them to the customer. All he really made back then was tamales and they were the first i had ever had and since then i have not had one that could hold a candle to his. D great success keep it up sir!