Monday, December 20, 2010

Taipei 101- Restaurant of the Year!

Rainbow Roll
 I have been a sushi aficionado for the past 5 years now. I thought I had found a sushi joint that I wanted to settle down with. We were happy together and getting along fine. Then one day, I was driving down Greensprings Highway and there was Taipei 101 Sushi & Asian Bistro.... it took my breath away. I confess, I  cheated on my steady sushi joint and eventually broke up with it. I left it for Taipei.
Recommendations: The Lettuce Wrap appetizer, The Miso Soup, Any of the bento box lunches, the hibachi dinners and most of all the sushi. They also have a wide variety of Asian dishes for the "not-so-adventurous" diner.

Crispy Intestines
Atmosphere: Moderately lit, modern and organized. There is a small waterfall display against the wall and a catfish tank. This is a great family night out place as they do have an awesome kids menu. Also a great "date" restaurant.
Staff: Pretty friendly. The sushi chef puts a lot into presentation for sure. Most of his creations are picture worthy.
What I had: On my most recent visit to Taipei, I was feeling adventurous and tried the crispy intestines w/ a sweet & spicy sauce. This appetizer is not for wimps, LOL!!!
I also had the rainbow roll.
Price: $16.00 this time, but my average meal is around 10 dollars or less w/water.
On a scale of 1to10 I give Taipei 101 Sushi & Asian Bistro a 9.99.
No one is perfect!
*They are open for lunch and dinner. For more info go to

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Anonymous said...

I pass this place often and have been curious! Can't wait to give it a try! (Just got a flyer in the mail about a new Asian/Sushi place opening in the shopping center with Target on 150. Seems like the menu may be similar to this place!)