Tuesday, January 18, 2011

CHUY'S MEXICAN FOOD- Prepare your tastebuds!


Uh oh! My favorite Mexican restaurant had better look out! Chuy's is coming up the side lane fast and they just might take the lead in this race.
I must admit, the Summit shopping center is not my favorite place to be on a Saturday when there is good weather. However, my lunch compadre had heard nothing but rave reviews on Chuy's so I decided to give it a try. This ended up being one of the best decisions I have made all year. When we arrived we were told there would be a 35 minute wait on a table for 2. But within 5 minutes we were alerted that our table was ready. Thank goodness!! Because I was so hungry I would have eaten a table leg at that moment.
Atmosphere: at the peak of lunch time on Saturday, it was pretty busy. The decor was very unique lots of things to see. There was a car filled with salsa and chips in the bar area. It was too crowded to take a photo. (will add later). We had a great view of the lower level of the Summit.
Staff: Very friendly & knowledgeable. There were several servers on staff this day. The manager walked around a good bit as well. Everyone was doing something constructive.
What I/we had: I had the #5 combination-chicken chalupa & enchilada all the way with beans and rice. My friend had the 12inch chicken burrito with beans and rice. Both were topped with cheese and filled with "melt in your mouth" chicken. We also had  complimentary chips w/ chile con queso dip & freshly chopped salsa. The cheesy queso dip is VERY good. But watch out for the spicy kick. It's definitely worth the burn.
Price: Combined, our lunches were  a little over 20 dollars with one drink and one glass of water.
On a scale of 1 to 10 I give Chuy's Mexican Restaurant an 8.5
Want more info on Chuy's? Go to http://www.chuys.com/

Chips N  Dips

#5 Enchilada/ chalupa combo

View from the window

12 inch chicken burrito....umm bring a friend -
they should consider renaming this the "big foot"


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