Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Little Taste of Heaven at Ashley Mac's

Walking into this place, I immediately thought, "Did I just walk into a storybook?" It certainly seemed entirely too perfect and pristine inside. Everything was neatly in it's place, all of the employees wore great smiles and on this particular day, you could eat off of the floor. If there is a restaurant in heaven, it probably looks just like Ashley Mac's in Inverness. I know you're thinking, what a build up, right?

Atmosphere: Nearly perfect. I could eat here daily and never get tired of the food or service. The pink and brown decor will give you that "strawberry short cake" feel. It's not too large, not to small. The walls were lined with photos of CAKE. A subliminal dare tempting you not to leave without trying one of their sweet creations.

The Staff: Friendly, helpful and accommodating. I felt as if they actually appreciated my business.

What I had: The Signature Chicken Salad sandwich on a croissant, pasta salad, sea salt chips, sweet tea and a couple of mini cupcakes that didn't survive long enough to make it to the photo shoot.

Rating: On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate Ashley Mac's Bakery & Cafe a 9.6
OMG! You must try one of the strawberry cupcakes.... trust me.
For catering information, locations or for more information, go to http://www.ashleymacs.com/

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Ashley said...

wow!!!!!!! Thank you SO MUCH for those incredibly kind words about my business! One of my employees saw this and just sent it to me. I just have to tell you that it made my day!(:
Would you mind if I share some of your comments on our Facebook page? I would love for you to come in and have lunch on me next time! Just shoot me an email when you would like to come and I can make sure our staff knows you are coming if I'm not there to greet you myself.
Ashley Macst