Tuesday, July 16, 2013

KC Finest BBQ in Montevallo- BLAZING A TRAIL!

Via a Twitter invitation to try this site, I journeyed a short distance from Alabaster to try Kansas City's Finest slow smoked barbecue in Montevallo, AL. Growing hungrier & hungrier after each mile, I was ready to try this different style of  barbecue.
Per wikipedia.com, Kansas City barbecue refers to the specific style of slow smoked meat that evolved from the pit of Henry Perry in the early 1900s in Kansas City, Missouri. Kansas City barbecue is slow smoked over a variety of woods and then covered with a thick tomato- and molasses-based sauce.[1].
Before buying, the owner will let you try a variety of samples before you place your order, and YES... this style is different than your traditional southern style barbecue. Slow smoked for hours and hours, KC Finest, offers you falling-off-the bone tenderness.
Atmosphere: Located across from the Montevallo Fire Department (STATION#1). This is the first restaurant food trailer I have reviewed. There were a couple of encouraging regulars present & raving about the food to this first timer. The traffic stopping, smoky smell is enough to put you in a trans.
The owner mentioned that he wants to expand into a new building. This type of food would be a great addition to any new retail/ entertainment district.
The Staff: Friendly, informative about the Kansas City barbecue method. Eager to make every customer happy no matter what.
What I had: I ordered enough for friends and family, one slab of SLOOOOOOOOOW smoked, falling- off- the- bone ribs (chewing is not even needed), a hearty pile of chopped burnt ends,  baked beans, potato salad and cole slaw with a pint of some of the best BBQ sauce ever. Not only would this sauce be good on ribs, but it can be used with chicken tenders and other snacks as well.I am attaching pictures of several of the menu items.  
Price: A full slab is $20.00, the burnt end plate ... around $7.50
On a scale of 1 to 10, I give KC's Finest BBQ a rating of 8.9!
I look forward to  returning very soon!
KC's Finest BBQ is available for catering, festivals and any special event.
For more information, for catering or to place a pick up order call (205) 354-6109
You can follow KC's Finest on Twitter https://twitter.com/kcfinestchef
and on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/kcfinestbbq
This is where the magic happens

Slow Smoked Kansas City style ribs

Menu Back

Menu Front

Rib Plate w/ Baked Beans and potato salad

Burnt Ends Sandwich

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