Friday, June 20, 2014

Kai's Koffee House in Pelham - "A Sweet Discovery"

Once upon a time, I veered off the beaten path in search of  a shiny, new hidden gem. I happened upon a cozy spot called Kai's Koffee shop. According to their website, all of their coffee beans are shipped in within 24 hours of being roasted.  Even though coffee made with fresh coffee beans is the main attraction, Kai's has a lot of sweets & other things to offer such as a variety of
chicken salad wraps, cake, pastries and more! Only 7 months old, this coffee drinkers dream will definitely perk up everyone that walks through the door. This spot is also perfect for group meetings.  No need to worry about parking, there is a space marked just for you!

Atmosphere: Very spacious, able to handle a large breakfast or lunch crowd. A lot of thought definitely went into the décor of this café. Everything from the seats to the wall pictures is an ode to the coffee connoisseur. Free WI-FI is available for all customers.

What I had: My lunch consisted of the popular cran-apple chicken salad wrap. The wrap was filled with moist chicken salad loaded with chopped pecans and cranberries. But wait.... there's more! Before making my payment, I looked over and spotted something that is a sin in at least 5 countries and a crime in 25 states... a pancake & bacon cupcake! This is the kind of cupcake I'd buy from a guy with questionable character in a dark parking lot in the middle of the night.
Just that good. (my opinion)

The Staff: Amazing! Service with a smile goes a long way with me.

Prices: With a bottled water & apple juice added to my lunch, my total was about $12.00 bucks.
If we pretend the cupcake never happened, the total would have been around $9.00

Overall experience: Fantastic! I shall return.

If you are looking for awesome service, good food and a sinful cupcake, Kai's Koffee Shop in Pelham is the place to go! Perfect for a meet and greet.
For more information on this great new spot, visit their website at
Follow them on Twitter at @KaisKoffee
cran-apple chicken salad wrap w/ chips

Aerial view of the Pancake and Bacon cupcake

Another photo in case you missed it.The Pancake and Bacon cupcake


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Dr. Diva said...

Love this joint!!! Don't forget to use your rewards card. I am able to capitalize on my coffee fetish by collecting points and getting free drinks and pastries.