Monday, August 18, 2014

Olexa's Cafe- Infamously delicious.

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I mentioned the name Olexa's to several people in Birmingham and most everyone I spoke with swooned and raved about their cakes. I've had a slice of their infamous cake and YES.... it is delicious. However, I was intrigued by their awesome looking menu and decided to venture out to an active area of Mountain Brook with a friend to have this highly anticipated lunch.

Atmosphere: This is nothing like I have ever seen. A quaint indoor cafĂ© with an outdoor feel. When you step inside it feels as if you've entered into a French courtyard. There are trees, street lamps and balconies. There is an ample amount of table seating. The hard to ignore bakery display is in the rear of the restaurant and filled with Olexa's infamous baked goods. Just try not to look while eating your lunch. It's hard, but you gotta be strong.

What I/we had: The shrimp, crab & lobstertini appetizer. This is a shrimp, crab & lobster mixture blended with a house made dressing called Louie dressing, with a lemon garnish and served in a martini glass. I'm tearing up just thinking about this. With every bite, I am thinking "the shrimp cocktail just lost it's place in  seafood history".  Our main entrees consisted of The Savory Trio. We both had the half turkey Panini, a 1/2 strawberry mandarin salad and a cup of soup. I had the tomato basil bisque and my fellow foodie had the white chicken chili. Everything tasted amazing.

The Staff: Friendly, upbeat and attentive. Lots and lots of smiles.

Prices: $8.95 for the shrimp & crab lobstertini, the Savory trio $12.95.

Overall experience: Had a great time, great tasting food, great service. I would definitely return to Olexa's.
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Shrimp/Crab Lobstertini
Savory trio w/ Strawberry mandarin salad, 1/2 turkey Panini and white chicken chili

Savory trio w/ tomato basil bisque

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