Friday, September 19, 2014

Experience Casual Elegance at Cedar's Grille

The recent development of the Chace Lake area has brought a number of delightful things to the Hoover area. From a range of beautiful new houses, retail shops and most importantly new eateries.
My discovery of Cedar's Grille was purely an accident resulting from a detour from the Highway 31 rush hour madness. Cedar's offers a wide range of authentic Mediterranean dishes, a great atmosphere and casual elegance.

Atmosphere: This restaurant is very spacious. The aroma is indescribable. You'd have to smell it for yourself in order to understand. The authenticity of the décor added a nice, elegant feel to the experience. Music is very important to the dining experience.Cedar's did not disappoint in that area. The outdoor seating is the perfect place for a sunset dinner.

The meal: Started off with an amazing appetizer called Sambuska-triangular pastries filled with seasoned ground meat and vegetables. The entrée was a mixed grill dish- this is a combination platter consisting of a side of hummus and pita bread, 2 lamb chops, a chicken kabob, a veggie kabob and a serving of kafta all on a bed of aromatic "pasini" rice. Enough for 2 people with modest appetites or one person with one big appetite. My drink was a delicious, hefty sized Vitamin C smoothie- a blend of peaches banana's and orange juice. Cedar's also offers a wide variety of health drinks and virgin cocktails.

The Staff: The service was friendly. Was able to withstand my infamous questions about the cuisine and ingredients. I love a good menu knowledge test.

Prices: The mixed grill dinner was $21.00, the Sambuska appetizer was $7.95

Overall experience: This is a restaurant that I would definitely visit again. The atmosphere combined with the food and service was extremely pleasing. This is an awesome place for a family meal or a date night.

*Cedar's also offers a lunch menu and a Sunday brunch.

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