Monday, December 1, 2014

Dale's Southern Grill- Warm, Southern Deliciousness!

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I have so many places that I've been hearing about and have been "meaning" to go. As I gain new followers, the list keeps growing. Since I can't clone myself, I assume that I'd better buckle down on my foodie bucket list.
Dale's Southern Grill has been around since about 2003. Technically, I've eaten their food in the past, but only at event's catered by the restaurant. I managed to journey over to grab what I anticipated to be one of the best lunches to date.

Atmosphere: I liked the atmosphere. They have a bar, lots of seating. Since I'd taken a late lunch, so  it was not too crowded. I sat in a spacious, but cozy booth next to the bar.
The name "southern grill" definitely suits the place.

The Meal: I had the Hawaiian Sirloin, cooked medium, accented with mango salsa. YES!!!! I'm a mango salsa fanatic so this was a special treat.The number one sign of a good steak is "no steak sauce needed". This perfectly cooked sirloin passed the test. There was also a moist cornbread stick, with side dishes of perfectly roasted new potatoes and turnip greens. On my way out, I ordered a delicious bread pudding with warm rum sauce. I didn't mean to, it just happened.

The Service: The service was ok. Nothing spectacular. I don't like it when I don't get my water or drink refilled. Other than that the service was pretty average this day.

The Price: The Hawaiian sirloin lunch w/ 2 sides was $8.99. The bread pudding dessert was $3.99.

Overall Experience: Their menu looks SO amazing. I'm excited to try something new on my next visit so please send me your recommendations via email, twitter or in a comment below.

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~The Birmingham Restaurant Raider

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