Friday, December 19, 2014

"Yo' Mama's Meals Made Fresh" Get In!

Each week I receive several suggestions regarding new restaurants and "must try" dishes.

I'd been hearing great things about a happening new spot in the downtown Birmingham area with a snazzy name. Many of the people that I follow on social media were posting tons of awesome photos of the meals served at "Yo Mama's". I decided that I absolutely HAD to get in on the action.

Atmosphere: This is a moderate sized eatery which features  contemporary brick walls with chairs in their signature color of bright green. There's also a generous amount of daylight coming in through the large windows. While ordering at the counter I caught a glimpse of the cooks at work which made my decision just a little harder. This visit took place a little later in the afternoon near the end of their lunch service. As I waited for my food, I swooned over the other lunches that were being delivered to nearby tables. The chicken and waffles seemed to be popular.

The Meal: Despite the social media fame of the chicken and waffles, I had the shrimp tacos: two soft tacos filled with plump shrimp, accompanied by a side of delicious black beans and Spanish rice. I am not the worlds biggest black bean eater, but these were good. Menu items that have the symbol "GF" are gluten free or have a gluten free option.

The Service: I experienced no problems with the service at all during this visit. Everyone was accommodating. They are experiencing the normal "new restaurant" streamlining. If they continue to focus on making sure that everyone knows the menu, that would be a huge plus!

The Price: My lunch was $9.95. I think this was pretty reasonable especially with the current rate of seafood prices.

Overall Experience: I will definitely look at visiting this spot again when I am in the area. Yo' Mama's restaurant is only open Monday-Friday 10:30- 2:30. This is awesome for the downtown lunch crowd. I hope that they take the opportunity to explore expanding their hours of operation. Birmingham social media has been very vocal about this. I have my fingers crossed that one day we will see a dinner menu.

For more information about the menu, catering and to sign up for the "Daily Meal" email alerts, visit 

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Grilled shrimp tacos w/ black beans and Spanish rice
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