Monday, March 30, 2015

Paramount Birmingham- "On the Corner of Great Food & Good Fun"

After having began as a trendy yogurt shop in Birmingham's metro area, Paramount has been repurposed as a popular restaurant with a tantalizing menu. Following up on several recommendations to check out the new concept, I was pleasantly surprised to find an awesome spot with growing popularity and great hours right in the middle of downtown.

Atmosphere: We were greeted almost immediately. We loved the atmosphere. Plenty of seating, a great view of the T.V. along with a fantastic window seat. Well, pretty much every seat is a window seat. There was not a huge crowd but the restaurant was busy on this particular day. The dining room was not too loud or uncomfortable for us. Surrounding the bar in the rear of the restaurant were several classic video games. Yep, this is going to be a regular spot for me.

The Meal: We shared the "Wings, Wings, Wings" selection from the "Share It" menu. We opted for the sweet barbecue flavor. These wings were extremely tender with a flavorful glaze of barbecue sauce on the outside. For my entrée I chose the grilled cheese sandwich- a warm, melted blend of cheddar, goat & mozzarella cheeses with a  spread of tomato jam on perfectly toasted sourdough bread. The side dish of sweet potato chips was an amazing kick to this already delicious sandwich. My dinner mate decided on "The Standard"- an option from the "quarter pound dogs" menu. An all beef hot dog, topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, a pickle with a savory horsey sauce & cheddar cheese. To top it off with a sweet treat, I had the Buffalo Rock ice cream float.
YES...... YES, I did. What a meal!

The service: Although our server had only been on the job for three days, she gave us fantastic service and was highly accommodating. No complaints in the service area. 

The Prices: To say that I was happy with the food prices here would be an understatement. The shared menu features appetizers starting at only  $3.99. My entrée was $6.99 and my dinner companion's entrée was $ 5.99. It doesn't matter how much the Buffalo Rock float was.... some things you just have to buy no matter what.

Room For Growth & Improvement: Continue to focus on server development. Structure a new advertising campaign focusing on the fact that you are one of very few restaurants open on a Sunday in Downtown Birmingham. People looking for options in the area need to know that. Get your servers to mention the fact that you have gift cards available before the check arrives or maybe feature gift card availability on a printed table tent. That would be an excellent upsell.

Overall Experience: Any place that offers Buffalo Rock ice cream floats & a Mortal Kombat 3 video game could easily turn into my second home. Look forward to my return!!!!

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Wings, Wings, Wings!!

The Standard Quarter Pound Dog

Buffalo Rock Float =)
The Grilled Cheese w/ Sweet Potato Chips

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Nadine said...

Laura and I checked out Paramount with our husbands one evening shortly after they opened. We loved the atmosphere and the games!!! Everyone's food turned out awesome except the hot dog I ordered was brought to the table cold. I had the one with the pimento cheese so maybe it was the cheese that made it cold? Either way, we need to go back again some time!!! And it sounds like you need to come play video games out our house with us sometime! We have ever system and TONS of games!!! :)