Tuesday, September 8, 2015

What's Under Vulcan's Skirt?

I was recently granted with the opportunity to get an inside look at Vulcan's event space at the 2015 Vulcan Park & Museum's Open House.

Even though most people visit Vulcan to check out the infamous observation tower or tour the museum, Vulcan has one of the greatest event venues in Birmingham.

My assistant and I got an up close and personal look at the facility along with the opportunity to meet some of the catering gurus on Vulcan's exclusive list of hand picked local caterers. We also got to interact with corporate event planners, engaged couples and other attendees looking for the perfect place for their upcoming events.

We sampled White Russian milk shakes, an amazing mac n cheese bar, warm cheesy crab dip, Louisiana gumbo, home cooking, Moscato infused strawberries & much more! We had an amazing time, but enough about the small details, I know you're only here for the pictures.

If you are looking for a venue for large events, weddings, corporate meetings or any type of reception, contact the event staff at Vulcan by emailing them at info@visitvulcan.com

*Special Thanks to A. Scott-Franklin for the photography. 


Chef Clayton's Food Systems http://www.chefclayton.org/






*Click photos to view larger images.*

The Happy Catering Company

Kathy G. & Company

Toppings for the Mac N Cheese Bar offered by Kathy G. & Co

Jazzy Lady Catering

Moscato infused strawberries offered by Jazzy Lady Catering

Gumbo display by Chef Clayton's Food Systems

Dreamland BBQ Catering

BBQ sausages offered by Dreamland Catering

Five Star Event Catering

Raspberry Tea fountain by Jazzy Lady Catering

Home Cooking by Jazzy Lady Catering

Camera Cake by Jazzy Lady Catering

Ginger crunch bites, turtle bites & sandwiches by O'Henry's Coffee Catering

Iz Catering

The Happy Catering Co

The mac n cheese bar - Kathy G. & Co.

Jazzy Lady Catering

Jazzy Lady Catering

Crab Dip created (and Perfected) by Five Star Catering

IZ Catering

Jazzy Lady Catering

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Nadine said...

What a great event!!! The food looks amazing and such a fun venue!