Tuesday, February 21, 2017

SoHo Social - "The Place You've Been Waiting For"

Prior to opening day I was invited to stop by to get a first hand look at one of the most anticipated restaurants ever to hit the city. SoHo Social is the newest addition to a family of independent restaurants owned and operated by Dave Horn, a local restaurant guru. If you've been to Mudtown or The Ridge, then you will love SoHo Social.

Atmosphere: You know how good it feels when someone tells you to "make yourself at home?" Well this is one of those places. One side of the restaurant features table & booth seating along with a nice sized bar. The other side, which will be my favorite side, features comfortable couch seating, televisions and bistro tables. I wonder if they will allow blankets 😥 ???

The Food: This is one of the most diverse menus I've seen in a while. They have about 9 appetizing appetizers. I selected the Queso dip with a basket of their house made tortillas. SoHo was fortunate enough to hire someone with tortilla making experience. What a lucky break! Although I selected chips, you can opt for tots, fries or sweet potato fries with your queso.
My entree' consisted of the Green Gobbler- a turkey burger topped with salsa verde, crumbled cotija cheese, thinly sliced radish & red onion on a delicious, soft brioche roll. The side dishes were VERY hard to choose from. I had the perfectly seasoned Conecuh Collards, made with local Conecuh sausage and the Southern Street Corn. Two items that I predict with me a gigantic hit.  I also opted  for the Valley Veneno from the cocktail menu. After I was completely stuffed, my server, Kayla, forced me have their featured dessert, two fluffy, delicious, soft chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream between them. These cookies are everything dreams are made of! The cookies are a supplied by a new local company called Cookie Fix. I had the pleasure to meet, Amy Jason, the lovely owner of Cookie Fix. They have an outstanding product as well.

The staff: The staff seemed to all be very customer oriented and helpful. If they continue to maintain quality service standards, this place is sure to develop a reputation that will put them at the top of the "go-to" list when it comes to restaurants & bars.

My overall experience: I cannot wait to return to SoHo Social. They exceeded my expectations during this visit and I encourage everyone to stop by on their opening day, 2/21/17. The fact that they utilize several local suppliers, their service and menu make them a winner in my book.

For more information about SoHo Social
visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/sohosocialhomewood/
Follow them on Twitter @SoHoSocialAL
Don't forget your Cookie Fix! Visit https://www.facebook.com/CookieFixHomewood/

SoHo Social is located at
1830 29th Ave S, Ste 160
Homewood, Alabama 35209
Get a LYFT to SoHo Social https://www.lyft.com/invite/RAIDBHAM2017
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The Queso

Wall of Beers

Valley Veneno Cocktail

The Snapper (catch of the day) Picture courtesy of stranger next to me =)

Green Gobbler w/ Conecuh Collards & Southern Street Corn

Local Stuff (1)




Dessert feat. cookies from Cookie Fix

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