Thursday, August 17, 2017

REVIEW: The Craft Burger

As their facebook page reads "Simple, fresh ingredients, cooked with craft. No precious over-priced fanciness. Just plain good. AN HONEST BURGER FOR AN HONEST BUCK."

I ventured out with a friend to have lunch at Brava Grill off of Caldwell Mill Road and wouldn't ya know it.... SWITCH-A-RONI! They were not there anymore.
Their meaty replacement had taken over the location with a new spot that specializes in hand crafted burgers & much more.

The Craft Burger is a new, fast-casual, burger joint that keeps it simple. Their menu is not 10 pages long or too complicated. They offer a variety of burgers, "craft dogs", sandwiches, salads, beer, wine & shakes.

The decor didn't really change, except for a few minor differences. However, the concept is a lot different that the previous restaurant.

On my first visit I tried the Turkey Burger: seasoned ground turkey on a bun accompanied by their house made basil mayo, arugula (no tomato for me) and a side of their seasoned fries. This was a pretty good turkey burger. I typically don't order turkey burgers at restaurants because they just never compare to my personal "secret"  recipe. However, I finished every bite of this one. Kudos!

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My friend opted for the buffalo chicken salad: A very generous portion of Romain lettuce, red onion, tomato, fresh sliced cucumber, shredded cheese and a good sized helping of moist , grilled chicken chopped and tossed in buffalo sauce, with a side of ranch dressing.

On a separate visit, I decided to try the Craft Burger: ground top sirloin, grilled to moist perfection, on a bun with onion, a slice of American cheese, onion, lettuce and their "secret" craft sauce. Wonder what's in it? 😕


I also had a hand made cookies & cream milkshake. It was a little camera shy so no pix.
However, if you're a shake lover I will let you know that you WILL be impressed with the straws for the milkshakes. FINALLY... a large enough straw.

The staff was great! Friendly and very proud of the menu and all of it's offerings.
I was disappointed that Brava was gone, but I think The Craft Burger is here to stay. They should see a great deal of success here in this busy shopping center.

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Most of all, thank you for supporting these business owners.
Their staff depends on your patronage. I do this for them.

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Phone: (205) 995-0003
Hours: 11-8 Daily
5184 Caldwell Mill Rd

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