Thursday, December 21, 2017

Interstellar Ginger Beer & Exploration Company "Outta This World"

Imagine after thousands of dollars in tuition payments, your kid comes home and tells you that he's decided to be a beer scientist.

Well guess what? It could happen.
Dr. Shane Kelley & Daniel Sims, a pair of long time friends decided to develop a concept that would put the production of ginger beer smack dab in the middle of Alabama and leave an imprint in the brewing world.

According to their website, Shane’s biology background and brewing expertise and Daniel’s sharp business sense, made  Interstellar Beer & Exploration Company  match made in space-heaven!

"Since our launch date of September 9, 2017, Interstellar has been Alabaster’s hot spot for craft brews and good times. Our goal is to provide our community with creative, high quality beers and a lively place to gather on the weekends. We have expanded the brewing universe by offering ginger beers inspired by famous drinks.  We take an innovative “where no man has gone before” approach to recipe creation with two offerings that glow in the dark and we believe we have created something truly unique.  We are not another brewery. 
 We are THE ginger beer brewery."
"Our beers are light and refreshing and they can pack an unexpected punch at 6.5% ABV on average.  They are gluten free and made with 3-stage filtered water, fresh cold-pressed ginger, fresh squeezed citrus juice, and other real ingredients."   
During my visit, Dr. Shane was gracious enough to give us the extensive tour  of the brewery and explain their very impressive  production process & all of the equipment & science that actually goes into creating the distinct flavors of their product line. 

 After the tour & education, we were presented with a flying saucer styled beer flight.
 We tried the Sunspot, Space Mule, Ginger Colada, First Contact &  Zeppelin Ace. All were outstanding! My favorite is the Space Mule. This would pair excellently with Thai food.

 When you visit Interstellar, a must have is their infamous "Sunspot or the Blue Nebula", two beers that actually glow in the dark under  a black light.

Aside from offering a unique beer experience, Interstellar Ginger Beer & Exploration Company offers a fun environment including food trucks, open mic night and other fun activities.

Interested in bringing your entourage? They are available for private events as well.
Currently Groupon is offering a Tour & Tasting Experience at Interstellar.
Visit the link here for the Interstellar Tour & Tasting Experience 
Also visit their facebook page for updated information

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~The Birmingham Restaurant Raider

Interstellar Ginger Beer & Exploration Co.
260 Regency Park Drive
Alabaster, AL 35007

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