Thursday, October 4, 2018

Bartaco "Deliciously Folded"

OK, so I've tried numerous times to get into this place and the parking lot has always been a mad house. I figured it MUST be a great place to eat. This is the only Alabama location. The buzz surrounding Bartaco raised my level of curiosity some time ago. Known for their amazingly priced tacos and menu variety, this restaurant is so popular that I'm already anxious to return. I recently stopped in with a friend to try the food that literally everyone has been talking about.

Atmosphere:Just inside the door, there was a hostess who greeted us right away. We were seated near the door in a comfortable booth. Very nice atmosphere. This location is extremely bright and inviting with lots of seating and large enough for a modest to somewhat large crowd. Parking was a little bit of a challenge, but we were able to get in. 

The Kids Beef & Chicken Tacos ( Pretty good sized )

Quesadilla from the kids menu

Tuna taco on a lettuce shell w/ slaw

Rock Shrimp, Chicken & Baja Fish Tacos.

What we had: The prices are so reasonable, it was hard to get only a few items so we decided to make ourselves a buffet: A large guacamole dip, 1 kids chicken taco,1 kids beef taco,  1 kids chicken quesadilla, 1 baja fish taco, 1 chicken taco, 1 rock shrimp taco, 1 kids version of the mojito and 1 seared tuna taco. 
Literally EVERYTHING was scrumptious! The flavor of the guacamole was amazing. It's served with large flat fried tortilla shells. The virgin mojito was just the right thing to top it all off. There are also specialty sauces at each table.
The Guacamole Dip

Cocktail Happy Hour Menu

Staff: Our server was friendly as she explained the unique concept. She was very attentive and had a great personality. We were not at all disappointed with the quality of service. 

Prices: Most of the tacos and kids menu items were only a few dollars each. All menu items range from $2.50 just about $9.50. 

Overall experience: Bartaco did not disappoint. Outside of the crowded parking lot, the experience was outstanding. The service & the food combined with the prices will definitely attract repeat customers. 

For more information on Bartaco & their other menu items, visit their website at

1017 Oxmoor Road
Homewood, AL 35209
(205) 875-8226 

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