Friday, November 2, 2018

Smokin' Hot Experience at Ash Bar & Grill

Ash Bar & Grill Homewood is now open and serving up wood fired dishes to suit nearly every appetite. Located just across from the beautiful Patriot Park on Oak Grove Road, Ash has attracted droves of people who patiently awaited their opening. They are fast becoming an attractive spot to grab a delicious meal cooked in a trendy wood fired kitchen. We recently stopped in to check out this happening new spot & try out their interesting concept.

Atmosphere: When we arrived we were informed of a roughly 20 minute wait which was not that bad for a new restaurant. The weather was pretty decent so we sat outside on the patio to review the menu. The seating was not bad at all. There were plenty of tables filled with hungry and engaged customers. The atmosphere was extremely comfortable. We eventually got a table by the window.

What we had: We split an order of cornmeal fried chicken livers with a green tomato salsa & lime crema. These chicken livers were cooked to absolute PERFECTION! Moist, well seasoned & flavorful. 

My entree consisted of the BBQ of the week. This particular week's bbq feature was pulled pork shoulder topped with red & white bbq sauce, a side of mac & cheese, seasoned collards & field peas.The greens had just the right amount of spice added to them. I was "southernly" pleased with them.

 My dinner companion had the wood grilled hangar steak. This was accompanied by caramelized onion mashed potatoes, fire roasted baby sweet peppers and board dressing. This was an extremely tasty selection cooked to tender perfection.

From the cocktail menu, we had a couple of Ash's specialty cocktails. The Patriot Paradise- Bacardi, pineapple juice, lime, simple syrup and Campari. The Beesknees cocktail consisted of El Jimadour, lemon, bitter, and honey syrup.
Patriot Paradise


For dessert, I had their now infamous brownie. You gotta get the brownie. It's served with smoked graham cracker crumble and soft, homemade (fire toasted) marshmallow surrounding it.

The Staff: AMAZING! Everyone from "Greet to Eat" was pleasant and warm. We were very happy with the service and a table visit from one of the kitchen staff members to ask how we enjoyed our food.

The Prices: Pretty standard for a restaurant of this caliber. Appetizers started at $4, entree's start at $11.

For more information about Ash Bar & Grill, visit their website at

705 Oak Grove Road
Homewood, AL 35209
(205) 558-9401
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