Friday, February 21, 2020

SoHo Standard "Superior Cuisine. Superior Class"

The expansion of the SoHo area is never ending. Upgrades, openings and restructuring are apparent whenever you visit the area. We recently visited the new SoHo Standard Kitchen & Bar and were pleasantly surprised by the menu, the concept and all they had to offer. 

Atmosphere: SoHo Standard is a contemporary/casual little spot with an upscale flair. The clientele seemed to be a slightly "white tablecloth" crowd for lack of a better term. There are ample amounts of tables including bistro tables. There is a well-stocked bar inside with a wide selection of spirits to suit just about every taste. This is a very quaint atmosphere. There is also a very spacious outdoor area with bar stools and outdoor string lights, perfect for a spring night of socializing.  

The Staff: Our server was outstanding. He was patient with us as we studied the menu. Everything sounded REALLY good. He was friendly and very accommodating. All of the staff members around us appeared to be personable.

What we had: All of their menu items are described as one word. We had the "DIP" appetizer: a melted mozzarella and goat cheese blended dip, with smoked tomatoes and pistachio pesto. There were also cloves of garlic blended in to this warm, cheesy concoction.  It's served with bread for dipping. Next time I get this dish I'm getting everyone their own. Definitely don't want to share this next time, LOL! The first entree' was the "CRAB": Gulf crab cakes on a mound of creamed collards and shrimp maque choux. 

This dish was bursting with flavor. The crab cakes are definitely a winner. Entree' number two: The "STEAK": Cuts of filet, cooked (medium) of course, accompanied by gnocchi mac & cheese, verde, and instead of the okra, I got a serving of their perfectly cooked and seasoned collards. Cutting into this filet was like cutting into butter. The tenderness was magnificent. One of the best meals I've ever had. 

Overall: SoHo Standard can easily turn into one of those places that I'd highly recommend to out-of-towners, clients and couples looking for a perfect date night spot. Enjoyed it!! 

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