Monday, November 8, 2010

"Super" Sushi Sunday at Maki Fresh Sushi Rolls & Japanese Grill

FRESH! FRESH! FRESH! Everything was fresh!
Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE sushi. I am always willing to try a new sushi joint. On Sunday 11/7/10 for lunch, my friend and I visited Maki Fresh on highway 280. This place has been on my to do list ever since they first opened. This is not a fancy pants sushi restaurant. It is very casual with lot's of green accents and decor. I like this place and will return because of the lunch specials and variety. I also ran across some great specialty dishes that I would love to try on future visits. There is also a self serve section of freshly prepared, pre-packaged sushi as you enter the front door. This is complete with bags and a self check-out machine to prevent getting in line.
*disclaimer* this place will in no way become a replacement for my favorite sushi restaurant which shall remain nameless to protect the feelings of Maki Fresh.
Atmosphere: Super! It was not too crowded at all. To place an order, you pick up a menu, go through the line, place your order,pay & take a number. Then the food will be brought out to your table.
Staff:  They were okay. Not overly friendly, not rude, just okay. They seemed more focused on the operations aspect of providing service than anything else. The food was delivered to us in a timely manner.
What I/ we had: I had the Tokyo bowl- a huge portion of what is called "not so fried rice" including diced chicken, steak,shredded carrots, corn, cherry tomatoes & cilantro(deliciously different). I also had a bowl of miso soup inclusive of mushrooms & scallions. My dining mate had the Crunch Crunch roll. She rated this roll about an 8 compared to other sushi places. It was still very tasty.
*warning!! The Tokyo Bowl is enough for about 3 people. Either go with a team or wait until you have a bear of an appetite.
Price: The Tokyo Bowl $8.95- The Miso Soup $2.95- The Crunch Crunch roll $6.95. Given the fact that we received a great deal of food & a coupon, our total was only $3.00. We had a wonderful experience and will return! However next time I will opt for the Lite Bowl combo w/ a drink for $5.95 which is a smaller portion.
On a scale of 1-10 I give Maki Fresh a rating of 8.5
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