Thursday, March 3, 2011

Full Moon BBQ FULTONDALE- Exceptionally good BBQ!!


The race is on!! The Birmingham Restaurant Raider is on the hunt for the best barbecue in Birmingham.

I was extremely pleased with the first place on my list.
This location is very popular and very busy. Anytime there is a long line at the end is good food.
Atmosphere: The FULTONDALE location is one of the newer locations and is much larger with televisions and more elbow room than the original Southside location.But the food is still equally as good. Lots of families dining thoughout.
Staff: Very well organized, knowledgeable about the menu. Friendly, fast, helpful and did I mention fast?
What I/ we had: I had the 1/4 chicken plate with greens, slaw and cornbread muffin. My dinner mate had 1/4 chicken off the bone, potato salad and mac & cheese. They did an amazing job with the chicken. (I had previously had the ribs on a previous visit and would rate them a 10. But without the BBQ sauce to get the full flavor)
Price: The 1/4 chicken plate is 8.29 and 1.00 extra is you want it off the bone.
One a scale of 1-10 I give Full Moon BBQ FULTONDALE a 9.1.
I recommend the slaw as a side dish!! Thank me later.
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