Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dreamland BBQ Southside- Not so Dreamy

Well, I knew there would come a day. A review that was not so tasty. I remember years ago going to Dreamland  and there'd be a line of people waiting inside and outside to partake of the infamous ribs. The anticipation would make your mouth water.
This was a disappointing visit. (Visit was 3/26/11)

Atmosphere: Lots of character. There were quite a few people in our section that mentioned that they were from other parts of the country. Not overly crowded, but well populated
Staff: Friendly, but very busy. It took a while for me & my lunch companion to get refills. But we were patient.
What I/ we had: We shared the standard Dreamland appetizer- the stack of white bread slices and bbq sauce for dipping. My meal consisted of the rib sandwich and a side of cole slaw. My companion opted for the bbq wings & banana pudding.
Price: Wings $6.95, Rib Sandwich $7.20, Banana pudding  $2.00
On a scale of 1 to 10 I give Dreamland BBQ Southside a rating of 6
I was disappointed in the portion size for the money we paid. I have had more for less at other restaurants. I wasn't un-happy, just disappointed that Dreamland didn't live up to the reputation they have during this visit. Don't let the picture fool you, the bones were smaller than they look. The sauce was too spicy and took away from the flavor of the ribs. The wings, I am told were very good.
Perhaps you have had a better experience. Please visit the restaurant to see what kind of experience you might have. Please comment below!
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Harris Reynolds said...

I've had about the same feeling about Dreamland BBQ as you. It is good... but not exactly great.