Thursday, June 20, 2013

Moe's Original Bar B Que Lakeview (Birmingham) "Love at First Bite!"

Okay, I'll admit. I've been married to another barbecue joint for many years. Our relationship was great until Moe's came along and stole my heart... and my taste buds. When I took the first bite, I thought "Where have you been all my life?"To answer my own question, Moe's has been right here in the heart of  Alabama for many years. Their locations are scattered all over the USA. You can find a Moe's Original Bar B Que in cities located in Maine, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Colorado & Tennessee. I have attached photos below of of all of the awesome dishes.
Atmosphere: Busy, but very well organized. The ordering process is pretty quick. Order at the counter, take a number and wait on your delicious barbecued goodies. There is ample indoor seating, a bar and plenty of  lighted outdoor seating. The d├ęcor is pretty unique as well.
The Staff: The staff was very accommodating. They were all very knowledgeable about the menu as well which helps a great deal on your first visit. Harrison, took the time  to explain the preparation & the cooking process of all of the dishes. He didn't give away the company secrets though (*wink). Give this guy a raise!
What I/We Had: We tasted a variety of dishes on this visit. The first dish was the
 Red Neck nachos,  made with home style fried chips, topped with moist, pulled pork, jalapeno's, garden fresh tomatoes w/ red & white BBQ sauce. Amazing fried catfish: The taste was very light &  succulent w/ a side of creamy tartar sauce. The fish didn't have a heavy, "greasy" taste at all. 
Smoked wings w/ a side of ranch and a side of red ranch. Rubbed & pampered to perfection with just the right amount of seasoning. The spices were just right. Smoked turkey: There was nothing "jive" about this turkey at all. Gasp and swoon! Trust me, you need this turkey in your life.
The ribs are St. Louis style baby backs- not too over sauced,  rubbed and smoked to perfection and might I add MEATY, MEATY, MEATY!!!
Their signature  pulled pork sandwich is bountiful & moist. It is topped with slaw that will knock your socks off. This sandwich will quench the appetite of even the biggest eater.
If I were to put their collard greens in the ring with mom's it would be a TKO! (don't tell mom)
The home style skillet corn was amazing & seasoned just right with a hint of finely diced bell peppers.
Potatoes Au Gratin: This warm and cheesy delight was an amazing addition to the meal!
Banana Pudding: The creamy, whipped ending to this tasters dream was the perfect ending. They put a LOT of care and preparation into the banana pudding. This is a must have!
Prices: each dish named is extremely reasonable! The snacks & appetizers range anywhere from $5.50  to $10.00 but they have special pricing during happy hours. The platters,all served with their infamous cornbread, start at $10.00 or $7.99 for veggies only.
On a scale of 1 to 10: I rate Moe's Original BBQ in the Lakeview District a 10. No one receives a 10, but everything was perfect about the meal. I am already dreaming of what I will order when I return.
For more information or for catering quotes,
Red Neck Pulled Pork Nachos

Smoked Turkey

Delicious Fried catfish w/ home made tartar sauce

Smoked BBQ Chicken
Smoked Wings

Moe's Smoker- Where the Magic Happens!
Pulled pork, topped w/ slaw


Potatoes au gratin, collard greens, skillet corn & banana pudding

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