Monday, July 8, 2013

Max's Delicatessen- Go Hungry!

It's been a while since I'd had a good hearty sandwich. My group and I had hefty appetites this day, so we headed to Max's Deli in the Colonnade off of highway 280.  Watching all of the other delicious dishes passing us by tested our will power. Those short, few minutes after placing an order seem like a lifetime as you "starvingly" sit patiently waiting on your food as plates piled high with temptation are delivered to other tables. Max's menu has a wide variety of selections to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. They serve a lot of great selections such as the classic Ruben, bison burgers, fresh salads, soups and pretty much every sandwich known to man.
Atmosphere: Busy, but not uncomfortable. Table seating, lots of beautiful conversation pieces on the wall including a huge painting of Bear Bryant.
The Staff:  Very attentive, fast, friendly, professional and organized.Very knowledgeable of the menu which is a HUGE plus.
What I/WE Had: The signature complimentary appetizer of fresh, crisp carrot & celery sticks, pickles and  creamy ranch dressing for dipping.
 I had a delicious, moist open face tuna melt topped with hot, melted Swiss cheese & a side of potato salad. My lunch mates each had the delicious talapia sandwiches on a bun- one grilled and one blackened with a side of freshly cooked steak fries.
We were all impressed by the mega-portions we received and yes....this food was "plate cleaning" good!
Prices: Our sandwiches ranged from $8.99 to about $10.00.
On a scale of 1 to 10, I give Max's Deli a 9.
For more information or to place an order for lunch, dinner or a family style dinner package to go, call (205) 968-7600 or visit the website at
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Crisp veggie & pickle Appetizer w/ ranch

Blackened Talapia w/ steak fries
Grilled Talapia w/ steak fries

Open face tuna topped/ melted Swiss & potato salad

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