Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Blackwell's Pub - "Let's Eat!"


Thanks again to all of the reader's out there who regularly recommend restaurants to me. I sincerely appreciate it and YES.... I plan to get to all of them at some point.

One place that has been suggested on multiple occasions is a spot called Blackwell's Pub. When I mentioned that I'd be raiding the place, I received several suggestions on what to eat. Although everything sounded good. I'd have to say that my focus was completely thrown into left field when I arrived and the SEC Championship was showing on many of the televisions. What was I thinking?? I'm sure you're asking  "Why would you not be keeping up with the SEC Championship game schedule?" The answer is War Eagle! I was the only sour puss in the entire place.

Atmosphere: Blackwell's pub is a sports fanatic's dream. Lots of table & bar seating. Plenty of televisions to keep up with the latest games and scores. If you are looking to watch a sporting event  this would be a great location. I would also suggest this as a place that caters to families with children. They offer a good looking kid's menu.

The Meal: Even after all of the great sounding suggestions, I decided to go on my own and have an appetizer of Scotch eggs: 2 hard boiled eggs wrapped in sausage, breaded and then deep fried accompanied with a side of spicy mustard. I've never had Scotch eggs before. This was a little different. I enjoyed the flavor and will definitely try these again. I ordered an entree from Blackwell's Burger Menu, the Greek Burger: optionally cooked medium well, covered with cucumber dip and one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES, Tzatziki sauce! If that wasn't enough they topped this perfectly cooked 8 oz patty with sliced black olives & feta cheese. I normally don't eat feta cheese, but the flavors all blended so well, I didn't complain. The burger was so large, I had to cut it in half just to take a bite. This was accompanied by a 1/2 order of huge onion rings and a 1/2 order of fries. This is one of the best burgers I've had to date. It's not often that I get a burger practically topped with a Greek salad.

The Prices: Not too bad at all. The appetizers currently are mostly all under $8.00. The burger I ordered is priced at $9.25. They also offer other entrees such as beef tips & rice, meat loaf, salads and of course wings. They also have very competitive prices on beers including local, domestic and imported brews.

The Staff: I enjoyed the service that I received. I was even acknowledged by servers who were not necessarily assigned to my section. That's pretty rare, but they apparently like to make everyone feel taken care of.

Overall experience: Outside of the crimson shirts and all the cheering, I enjoyed the atmosphere, service and the meal. I shall return!

For more information on Blackwell's Pub visit their website at http://www.blackwellspub.com/

Visit them on Facebook  & keep up with their minute to minute posts via Twitter @blackwellspub

Thanks for reading!

~The Birmingham Restaurant Raider
"Anonymously Raiding a Restaurant Near You" 

Scotch Eggs

The Greek Burger

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