Friday, December 11, 2015

Review: Rowe's Service Station "Go In For A Fill Up"

If you are looking for great places to eat, then make your way over to Avondale. Avondale is fast becoming the  growing "go-to" area to find restaurants that are "off the beaten path".

Several people have recommended Rowe's Service Station. After about the 300th suggestion, I decided to grab a friend and scurry on over to this infamous food joint. My head was spinning a bit from all of the suggestions on what to eat. However, I was definitely able to narrow it down to one dish that stood out on the menu.

Atmosphere: Rowe's offers a casual dining atmosphere. There is indoor table seating, bar seating and several seats to enjoy the outdoors on a nice day or evening. We opted for comfortable table seating indoors on this particular evening.

The Meal: This was a truly a hard decision to make. After viewing SOOO MANY great looking options on the menu, I decided to have the Bistro Filet, a succulent cut of steak cooked medium with a side of their excellent grilled asparagus topped with with house made Brown Butter Vinaigrette and shaved Parmesan along with a side of delicious sweet potato hash. This was one of the best dishes I've had all year and will be put on my list of favorites. My dinner companion, decided on the chicken & waffles: moist fried chicken portions served with Belgian style waffles cut into triangles.

The Prices: I was pleasantly surprised by their prices. Rowe's is a place where you can get a lot of food for a reasonable amount of money. The Bistro Filet dinner was $14.00 and the chicken and waffles came to $9.00. Not bad for a dinner for two.

The Staff: The staff at Rowe's was friendly, accommodating and gave us service with a smile during this visit. On top of a great meal, this was one of the highlights of the visit.

Overall Experience: Rowe's definitely lived up to all of the great things I'd heard over the past few months and the food was as good as I'd hoped. In addition to dinner, they offer great breakfast options, local beers and a brunch menu that attracts a standing room only crowd. I shall return!

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Bistro Filet

Chicken & Waffles

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Nadine said...

I haven't had either of those dishes yet but they both sound amazing!!! Their truffle fries are not to be missed. LOVED their asparagus!!!