Friday, November 13, 2015

Pixie Ice Cream Co. Poppin Up at Bottle & Bone

The pop-up craze is striking all over the Birmingham area. If you are not familiar with pop-up events, it's when a small company, restaurant, food truck or caterer will "pop-up" inside of a local business to set up and sell their food or products. It gives entrepreneurs the opportunities to increase the visibility of their business and allow consumers to sample (or buy) small quantities to try out.

Recently, my lovely assistant, A. Scott-Franklin attended  Pixie Ice Cream Company's pop-up tasting hosted by Bottle & Bone at Uptown.

Pixie Ice Cream Company is a local company that specializes in small-batch, artisanal ice cream and sorbet made in Birmingham, AL.

Pixie Ice Cream Company was recently voted as a finalist in  REV Birmingham's Big Pitch competition. If they win, they stand to walk away with $25k in prize money!!! That's huge! 

Enjoy the video below about Pixie Ice Cream Company & the photos from the recent ice cream tasting along with photo's of a couple of signature dishes from Bottle & Bone's menu.
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Thank you to ALL businesses that allow pop-up vendors.

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Vanilla Maple Cookie
Burbon Butter Pecan

Roasted Chicken Club Sandwich

Flat iron Steak Salad

Bottle & Bone's fresh cuts

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Nadine said...

I hadn't heard of that ice cream but I don't think I have ever met an ice cream that I didn't like! And at Bottle of Bone! Fun!!! All I think when I hear them is BACON!!!!!