Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Porky's Pride - "Dining Out Down Home Style"

If you're looking for great barbecue in a down home atmosphere, I've got just the place for you. Just off of I-65 in Fultondale and off the beaten path is a reluctant star called Porky's Pride. I've passed by the place many times while driving in Fultondale and trust me it's been on my list for sometime now. My taste buds cried out for ribs so I decided to put this visit at the top of my priority list one Saturday afternoon with my favorite girl, better known as "Mom". When I found out they'd been voted as having the "Best Ribs in Birmingham" in 2008, Porky's Pride BBQ definitely had my attention.

Atmosphere: Stepping inside of Porky's Pride BBQ is a like transitioning from the hustle and bustle of the city to the center of a little country town where everyone knows everyone else. The restaurant wasn't not extremely busy, but the crowd inside seemed to be well known to the owner and the staff.
There is plenty of seating and large enough to accommodate large groups.  There are three sections to the restaurant. The rear section is  known as Porky's Wagon Wheel Steakhouse. The Wagon Wheel features televisions, a bar, a large indoor char-grill where steakhouse patrons can grill their own steaks. Just select your own T-Bone, filet, sirloin N.Y Strip or rib eye and grill it yourself. Porky's Pride has the only grill of it's kind in the southeast. This is an excellent in-door tailgating option where friends can gather for the big game without fighting the elements. Ask about the unlimited salad bar.  They also offer a wide variety of oysters; on the 1/2 shell, fried, Rockefeller style, baked with jalapeno, onions and cheese and char-grilled. If you can't make up your mind, just get the oyster sampler. These will go great with a cold glass of their signature Wagon Wheel Brew.

The Meal: I had the rib plate (no sauce) with delicious, home-style, scratch made potato salad and baked beans. Their baked beans were VERY good and their ribs tasted like award winning ribs for sure. Mom decided to have the fried chicken finger plate: 4 large chicken fingers, a heaping helping of fried okra & potato salad. As someone who's VERY hard to impress, she was definitely impressed. This is a great choice for a "not-in-the-mood-for-barbecue" person.
We enjoyed both meals and received portions large enough to take home for dinner.

The Prices: The chicken finer plate was $8.25 and the rib plate was $12.00. Although, their rib plate is on the pricier end of what I'd typically pay for ribs and two veggies, their prices are pretty reasonable(menu below).

The Staff: The staff was friendly, attentive and accommodating. I was happy to enjoy a walk through with the owner of the restaurant and a view of the large indoor grill.

 Overall Experience: I liked the place and will definitely return with friends to gather around the indoor grill inside the Wagon Wheel Steakhouse portion of Porky's Pride.

If you'd like to host a dinner party or just gather with friends, call ahead to reserve your spot around the indoor grill.

Porky's Pride BBQ 
Porky's Pride Wagon Wheel Steakhouse
2516 Walker Chapel Road 
Fultondale, AL 35068
(205) 849-5122
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The rib plate

The chicken finger plate

the BBQ menu

The custom made steakhouse char-grill

Their signature brew

One of the first electric stoves invented

The catering van

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