Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Have A Good Time at Mudtown Eat & Drink

If you check out their twitter profile, it reads "At Mudtown, you'll feel the friendly spirit, smell enticing aromas & enjoy a quality dining experience in a laid back setting." This is exactly true.
A visit to Mudtown to experience some of the most infamous dishes in the city is exactly what you need. Their reputation for having WORLD FAMOUS fried green tomatoes & a friendly atmosphere definitely was a huge draw for me.

Atmosphere: Mudtown has a very comfortable,  casual atmosphere. The restaurant offers covered outdoor seating, table & bar seating on the inside. There was great music playing, not too busy during the time of this visit. Mudtown is conveniently located  between residential and commercial areas. I imagine they attract a lot of the nearby residents.

The Meal: I had the Jamaica Smokehouse Press sandwich- a press grilled sandwich containing, tender pulled pork, sweet tomato aioli, seasoned and lightly smoked. Topped with Jack cheese & tomato chutney. My side dish consisted of an order of 4 of their "World Famous" fried green tomatoes, topped with delicious corn relish & a side of their house-made (unbelievable) white sauce for dipping. I think this sauce would be an amazing addition to various other dishes.

The Staff: The staff was friendly, accommodating and great with recommendations. Unfortunately, it was very hard to narrow down what I was going to order.

The Prices: The prices are not too bad. My entire meal with a large unsweetened tea was about $15.00 and was enough to take home for a 2nd meal. They have a wide variety of great sounding dishes. It was really hard to decide.

Room For improvement: Mudtown was actually voted "worst parking" in Birmingham by their customers and they definitely deserve that honor, LOL! However, the food makes up for it.

Overall experience: I enjoyed the atmosphere. Will definitely return to enjoy their outdoor seating before the cold weather creeps in and I would love to try their shrimp & grits and the T-bone and grits. They also offer Sunday brunch.

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Nadine said...

I love Mudtown!!! They sweet potato chips and blue cheese dip is just amazing and I could go there for just that and be happy. So glad you made it over there to check them out!