Friday, February 2, 2018

Dining With Locals In Birmingham

Hello Birmingham!!

Although I have an "anonymous" 😎 persona, the main focus of The Birmingham Restaurant Raider is to put restaurants in the spotlight & give locals the inside scoop on Birmingham restaurants. 

"Dining With Locals" is a new feature that highlights people & small business owners throughout various parts of town. 

Name: Elaine Lyda
Career: Public Relations Agency Owner
Favorite Restaurant & Dish: Bob Sykes Barbecue
"Bob Sykes BBQ is a family owned & operated restaurant with some of the BEST barbecue in the state. My favorite dish is the BBQ pork sandwich and their smoked turkey is also very tasty!"
 Elaine Lyda Public Relations

NAME: Maurice Mercer
Career: President & CEO of Kat's Grocery Delivery, The Premier Grocery & Prepared Food Delivery Service
Favorite Restaurant & Dish(es):
"I love the gumbo from Cajun Boys and Our PoBoys in Pelham. In Birmingham, I like Cheeseburgers at Mugshots in the Uptown Entertainment District."

NAME: Marjorie Driver
Career: Team Lead Software Developer, Regions Bank
Favorite Restaurant & Dish:I LOVE the Dalai Lamba Melt & The Corn Dog at

NAME: Terry Gray
Career: President, First Response Workplace Conduct Solutions
Favorite Restaurant & Dish: My favorite place is Niki's West Restaurant on Finely Avenue. The Greek chicken is my favorite dish." 

NAME: Abigail Witthauer
Career: Certified Canine Behavior Consultant, Owner of RoverChase LLC
Favorite Restaurant & Dish: Surin of Thailand
"The Supercrunch roll & coconut soup are my all time favorites"

NAME: Van Sykes
Career: Second generation owner/ operator of Bob Sykes BBQ
Favorite Restaurant & Dish: "Other than the fantastic barbecue at Bob Sykes, I like to have an order of the snapper throats at The Bright Star Restaurant."

NAME: Dr. Thomas Dudney
Career: General and cosmetic dentist for over 35 years in Birmingham.
Favorite Dish & Restaurant:  "There are so many great restaurants in Birmingham it is hard to pick one, but I choose Bottega where the menu always changes and the pasta dishes are great. For steaks, my favorite is Fleming's."

NAME: Penelope Witthauer
Career: Executive Director of The RoverChase Foundation
Favorite Restaurant & Dish: "I love to eat brunch and The Village Tavern at The Summit has a wonderful brunch menu and great coffee. My favorite is the omelette with spinach & Gruyere cheese with a side of fresh fruit."

NAME: Arica Scott
Career: Owner of Honey Sweet Things Accessories & Honey Sweet Tees Custom T-Shirts
Favorite Restaurant & Dish: "I like Real & Rosemary. Their menu is WONDERFUL! One my favorites is the collard pesto dip with sliced baguette bread for dipping. You can taste the freshness in all of their food. It definitely leaves you wanting more." 
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What are some of your favorites? 
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