Thursday, February 8, 2018

Eating Healthy Has Great Taste At The Joyful Food Company

Did you make a diet change at the beginning of the year and are finding it hard to stick to eating right? Did you make it through your Whole 30 plan?

Well, if not, don't feel bad. Lot's of people fell off of the wagon after a few short weeks. As your gym membership collects dust and your healthy meal kits sit lonely in the fridge, I just want to let you know that there's hope!

The team at The Joyful Food Company has everything you like to eat and more! As Alabama's only 100% Paleo/Gluten friendly food store, they are capable of catering to many of us with special diet requirements or those of us that just want to "clean up" our diets.

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Elizabeth & Rebecca, the delightful owners of the Joyful Food Company have developed a delicious menu that is not only healthier than most, but actually tastes amazing! They have baked goods, weekly features, guilt-free snacks and even family sized meals. Among the heat & eat family meals are the ready to bake Shepherd's Pie & their infamously delicious Paleo Chili. These items and more can be found in the coolers inside. 

On my recent visit, I was given the opportunity to learn about all of the wonderful products they offer. Their website displays an impressive menu. Whether you are looking for gluten free, nut free or dairy free products, there is definitely something to suit your needs.

 In addition to their own great grab-and-go products, the store is stocked with several local brands. There are popular items from Hornsby Farms,  Piper & Leaf, hand crafted aprons from Thimbletree Studio and much, much more.

 For my lunch I had the Cranberry Walnut Chicken salad bento box. In addition to the chicken salad,  was a serving of plantain chips, savory nut mix and a small serving of salsa. I'm a chicken salad snob. This chicken salad was THE BOMB! It also comes in much larger sizes in their take home containers. 

 For desert I had a couple of their scratch made Chocolate Chip Blondie's. Now, I know you're wondering how can something that sounds SOOOO good be healthy AND taste good. Well trust me on this one. The Blondie's are made using almond butter, free range eggs, honey, organic/fair trade chocolate chips, sea salt & baking soda. Theses melt in your mouth sweets are definitely going to fly off the shelves.

I topped it all off with an ice cold lime flavored LaCroix Sparking Water from their beverage cooler.

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Thimbletree Studios Aprons

Grain-Free Granola Snacks

Piper & Leaf Tea

Elizabeth, Owner/Baker & Rebecca, Owner/Chef

All products are stamped with a shelf-life date.

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